Welcome to Vivasure Medical Ltd

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    Vivasure Medical Ltd. is an ISO 13485 registered medical device company based at Europe’s leading Medtech cluster in Galway, Ireland. Founded in 2009, the company is led by an experienced management team and backed by a syndicate of international venture capital investors and state agencies.

    The company has developed and patented a platform technology with applications in vessel closure. Its first product is a fully absorbable implant and delivery system, designed specifically to close large (up to 24F) arteriotomies.

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    Vivasure Medical has developed a new, patented absorbable technology suitable for use in a range of medical applications, particularly in minimally invasive and percutaneous procedures. Vivasure recognised an unmet need for an effective solution for a range of large-hole percutaneous vessel closure procedures. This led the company to develop a new absorbable implant technology for large arteriotomies, which can be adapted to fit a variety of arteriotomy closure end-user applications. Vivasure’s initial clinical target for this technology is in the area of fully percutaneous large arteriotomy closure.

    PerQseal® is the platform technology developed specifically for percutaneous closure of arteriotomies. The first application for this technology addresses the market need for fully percutaneous large arteriotomy closure. The company has developed a percutaneous closure device specifically designed to close large arteriotomies (up to 24F) which has recently received CE Mark approval.